Hair and What to Wear

What to Wear:


There are NO COSTUMES for the christmas social.  Dancers should wear their dress code required items for their performance.

**Dancers must by FULLY dressed in the dress code requirements for their class.  If they are not 100% in dress code, they will not be permitted to perform.  You can find the dress code and order online HERE

Dancers will not be permitted to check in until they are fully dressed and ready to go.




Hair should be pulled back into a neat bun for the performance.

Required items: hair tie, hair net, bobby pins, hair spray.  For a tutorial on how to do a ballet bun check out this video:

Hip Hop: Hair should be pulled back into a slick ponytail with all whispies clipped and hairsprayed back.




Dancers should wear natural makeup.

Tickets & DVDs



Performance Details

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