Dress Code 2020-2021

Make sure you read the dress code for your child’s class in full before ordering.  Take special note of the colors required for each class for leotards, tights, shoes, etc. 

Dress Code 2020 2021


After you’ve Read the Dress Code, Order Your Dancewear Here!

Join us for a shoe fitting day exclusive to MDC Dancers! 

MDC Dancers will have the chance to reserve at private shoe fitting at Midwest Dance Center with A Dancer’s Closet!  Dancers will be able to try on and purchase shoes, and items will be delivered to MDC within 7 days! 

PLUS, all MDC families will receive 10% off their total order that day! 

Click Here to Reserve Your Time Slot!

Click Here to Watch a Tutorial on How to Do a Ballet Bun!

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